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  1. My cousin and myself are wondering whether we could come along one evening to see if we would like to join your choir. Can you please advise if you need to read music and do we need to audition? when would we join and what are the joining fee.
    We would be interested in knowing when the next meeting will be held i.e. venue, time etc.,

  2. Now we have held our concert it would be a good time to come to rehearsals. The good news is no joining fee and the first week is free. Thereafter we all pay £3.00 per week. No you don’t need to read music – many of us don’t and there is no audition. It’s part of our identity as a Community Choir that all are welcome. On Tuesday 20th we will be meeting two prospective Choir Directors – our existing one is moving to Cardiff, the following week it is back to normal. We would really love to see both of you.

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